Custom Synthesis

Types of reactions
Sulfonation reaction
Halogenating reaction
Alkylation reaction
Acylation reaction
Diazo reaction
Hydrogenation reaction
Oxidizing reaction
Aminolysis reaction
Esterification reaction
About custom synthesis


Literature search:  According to products and reaction information provided by customers, we search and study documents, patents and restricted materials, and determine the optimum synthetic routes and instructions as soon as possible.



Small scale test: We perform research and development on the basis of lab condition (1g-200g), and provide reliable analytic methods and samples to our customers.  



Pilot-scale experiement:  We make trail production in our pilot–scale base to determine the feasibility of industrial production and do related assessments.



Industrial production: with the helps of production bases, we now have the good ability to perform a series of industrial productions from one ton to 100 tons.




Strictly following the confidentiality agreement, our company is capable of providing all kinds of custom services from small scale test to industrial production, including the designing of synthesis route, synthesis, purity inspection and structure identification, etc. We are doing our best to offer you excellent services and trying our best to provide target compound for our customers as soon as possible.



Recommended products: p-toluenesulfonyl chloride, 4 - hydroxy-3 - nitropyridine,4 -chloro - 2 - methyl pyridine, m-chlorophenyl isocyanate


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